Customs terminal charges

Euro’s (excl. VAT) 1

Valid from 01.01.2023

ServicePrice per kilogram 2Minimum fee per shipmentFixed maximum fee per shipment
Terminal handling / IMPORT (IM)
during office hours from 08.00 – 18.00 4
Loading to customers vehicle 50,0812,00300,00
Documents scanning and sending5,00
Surcharge (DGR, VUN, AVI, PER, HUM shipments)15,00
Surcharge (VAL shipments)45,00
Quick release (within 45 minutes from flight arrival)55,00
Handling of shipments under phytosanitary control0,1235,00
Airfreight charges collect fee (CC fee)3%10,00
Storage EX/IM (general cargo) – kg/day 6
from the day of cargo arrival (included), in case good not collected/departed within 3 (three) working days
up to 20 days – from cargo arrival0,0310,00
20+ days – from cargo arrival0,0430,00
Storage EX/IM (DGR, VAL, PER) – kg/day 6
from the day of cargo arrival (included), in case good not collected/departed within 3 (three) working days
upto 20 days – from cargo arrival0,0430,00
21+ days – from cargo arrival0,0550,00
Other ordered services (packing, labelling)39,00  / hour plus material
Call-out during outside office hours (DGR, AVI check)120,00/ call, in addition to surcharge
Arrangement of destruction of goods (in addition to destruction costs)180,00/ shipment
Package utilisation20,00/ shipment
Forklift (heavy items 1,5 – 5 t – outside terminal)42,00 / lift / per hour, 1hr minimum
  • DGR – dangerous goods
  • VUN – arms, ammunition, riffles
  • AVI – live animals
  • VAL – valuable cargo
  • PER – perishable goods
  • HUM – human remains

1  Subject to VAT according to Estonian TAX law.
2  Terminal handling is calculated based on actual- or chargeable weight. Chargeable weight is calculated dividing cubic centimetres with 6000. Hence 6 cm3 is equal to 1 kg and 1 m3 is equal to 167kgs. If chargeable weight exceeds actual weight, chargeable weight will be basis for calculations.
4  Services rendered out of opening hours (excl. Storage and surcharges) surcharge of 50% is applicable. On weekends and Public Holidays 100% surcharge is applicable.
5  Applicable in case cargo not loadable to customers vehicles by forklift. Written order to e-mail is requested.
6  Storage charge is applicable if shipment is not collected (import) or departed (export) from terminal during first three days after arrival (included). Shipments arriving on Weekends or Public Holidays, arrival day is following working day. Storage charge is counted from the day of actual arrival.

  • For non-credit customers all charges are payable before release of the cargo. Credit limit can be applied filling application form. Ospentos International has right to refuse the credit and hold the goods until all charges paid. Payment can be executed by bank transfer or in terminal office by internet banking or payment card. Cash payments generally not accepted.
  • Ospentos International OÜ undertakes customs officers to check the goods and documents.
  • If goods are not claimed within 60 days from goods arrival and consignee on AWB has not given any further instructions or for T1 goods following customs procedure not presented within 60 days – Ospentos International has rights to transfer goods to customs bonded warehouse, return to shipper or destroy the goods. All accumulated costs and fees, including handling and storage charges are payable by consignee.
  • Ospentos International Ltd has lien over the goods according to freight forwarding and storage conditions of contract.

If not otherwise stated in arrival notice, list of charges or written agreements between the parties, all activities carried out by Ospentos International are subject to general conditions of Estonian Freight Forwarders Association 2015 and Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association of Storage. General terms and conditions referred to, inter alia, limit the provider’s liability for the damage event. Terms and conditions will be sent on the first request.